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Tel: 760-505-1033


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Callie Manion


4:30 pm

"I am so grateful to have found Amanda to outsource my editing to! I was using another company before her and was consistently unhappy with the results I was getting. I had to reedit almost every single image, and figured that must be normal. Then I got my first wedding back from Amanda and realized just all that I had been missing out on! She has an amazing eye for color and matches my digital to my film so perfectly I can barely even tell which is which sometimes. She also takes the time to do a video call with you in the beginning to watch you edit, so she really invests her time in you to understand exactly what you want. I really think this is what makes her stand out from other companies -- she makes the entire experience so personalized that I think of Amanda as being a part of my team. Having her as my editor has been vital to my workflow and has helped speed up my overall turn-around time. I can't say enough great things about her!"

Jaine Kershner


10:00 am

"I’m so happy that I found Amanda! From her quick response time, attention to detail and overall dedication to her clients, she is a fantastic asset to my business. She took the time to get to know my style, understand how I edit and recreated my style perfectly. Her tireless perfectionist is exactly what I wanted when I decided to outsource my biggest and most important task. I absolutely love Amanda’s 3-5 business day turnaround time as it allows me to deliver my photos ahead of schedule which my clients LOVE!! Having a dedicated one-on-one relationship with my photo editor is worth everything to me and I highly recommend Amanda!"  

Rebecca Long


11:30 am

"From the moment I first talked with Amanda, she was professional, knowledgeable, and encouraging. I have loved working with her, evolving my style with her, and finding the perfect look for my work. After working with some ‘big box store’ editing companies, I decided to try private editing. I’m not sure I could ever go back. You can really tell that each photo is getting the individual attention that creates a more cohesive look throughout the day."

Marshal McIntosh


4:30 pm

"Amanda, you have been a game changer for me, I had gotten so behind and overwhelmed on workload, that I quit booking weddings because I was completely unbalanced. Now that you have taken stress away by allowing me to outsource! I would be willing to stand on a street corner with an ad for you! Seriously - you have rejuvenated my business. I thought not booking would be answer, so I could catch up! You were the answer I didn't know I was looking for! Now I'm ready to book weddings again knowing I can focus on the part that I love. I have never returned clients photos in a decent turnaround until I started using your services."

Cameron & Tia


4:30 pm

Amanda is a godsend to our business. For the longest time, we've known that outsourcing all of our editing and culling was the next step to scaling our business, taking it to new directions, and creating new streams of income. Without outsourcing, we were running out of time and resources. Not too mention, editing was a burden on our mental state and as a husband and wife team, a burden on our relationship. But unfortunately, we tried two other big companies and been deeply unsatisfied before deciding we needed a personal touch. 


Luckily, we found Amanda. Amanda's personal touch is what takes her business above and beyond. We were looking for someone to replace our skill set, but to be able to complete it faster than us, and boy is that Amanda. With larger companies, we found that the care, attention, and personalization never came close to what we could do on our own.  And her turnaround time allowed us to keep our 2-week turnaround contracted with our clients. 


Amanda has perfected her system to a "T," something we appreciate so much as detail-oriented people. We love the ease of invoicing, gallery delivery methods, and scheduling out your weddings on her calendar for the following year. We love the efficiency of working with her and the systems she's set up. 


Outsourcing has allowed us to expand other areas of our business that were mere dreams before finding her. She's allowed us more time to enhance our client experience and work to streamline processes more. But most importantly, Amanda has given us peace of mind, more time to cook dinners together, see friends and family, and do the things that light us up inside. 


We walked into outsourcing eager to find a solution, but wary due to our past experiences. Fortunately, Amanda changed our tune and now we are the greatest proponents of outsourcing with Amanda. 

Ada & Andrew Tran


4:30 pm

'Just opened the City Hall- and my gosh, it's gorgeous!! Just PERFECT!! The only editing I have to do is turning a few black and white- so you nailed it!! 


The Mint was a special project, and I told Andrew there is no way I would have been able to do what you did with the digital. And your editing allowed me to spend the extra time to fine tune everything- I've never been happier with the entirety of a gallery. For the first time, I feel like EVERY SINGLE PHOTO IS PERFECT, which I have NEVER been able to say! (I know I'm kinda difficult to please...) We worked with some vendors that I really wanted to be able to deliver something exceptional to, and you made that happen. :) Thank you so much Amanda! I feel like I've found my editing fairy godmother' 

Current Clients...

I would be honored to add you to my client list for 2020. Some of my current clients include: 

Kati Mallory

Maria Lamb

Callie Manion

Breanne Weston

Carrie McGuire

Hannah Hicks

Tara Tomlinson

Andrew + Ada

Kalyn Mastin

Meg Hilliard

Rebecca Long

Lauren Ashley

Madison Rockefeller

Sarah Larson

Andi Bravo

Cameron & Tia

Ashley Burbank

Carrie Coleman

Kim Johnson

Danielle Hayden

Booke Elisabeth

Megan Martie

Caitlin Hon

Jenna Leigh