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Tel: 760-505-1033


My Clients Are Also Seen...

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Callie Manion


4:30 pm

"I am so grateful to have found Amanda to outsource my editing to! I was using another company before her and was consistently unhappy with the results I was getting. I had to reedit almost every single image, and figured that must be normal. Then I got my first wedding back from Amanda and realized just all that I had been missing out on! She has an amazing eye for color and matches my digital to my film so perfectly I can barely even tell which is which sometimes. She also takes the time to do a video call with you in the beginning to watch you edit, so she really invests her time in you to understand exactly what you want. I really think this is what makes her stand out from other companies -- she makes the entire experience so personalized that I think of Amanda as being a part of my team. Having her as my editor has been vital to my workflow and has helped speed up my overall turn-around time. I can't say enough great things about her!"

Jaine Kershner


10:00 am

"I’m so happy that I found Amanda! From her quick response time, attention to detail and overall dedication to her clients, she is a fantastic asset to my business. She took the time to get to know my style, understand how I edit and recreated my style perfectly. Her tireless perfectionist is exactly what I wanted when I decided to outsource my biggest and most important task. I absolutely love Amanda’s 3-5 business day turnaround time as it allows me to deliver my photos ahead of schedule which my clients LOVE!! Having a dedicated one-on-one relationship with my photo editor is worth everything to me and I highly recommend Amanda!"  

Rebecca Long


11:30 am

"From the moment I first talked with Amanda, she was professional, knowledgeable, and encouraging. I have loved working with her, evolving my style with her, and finding the perfect look for my work. After working with some ‘big box store’ editing companies, I decided to try private editing. I’m not sure I could ever go back. You can really tell that each photo is getting the individual attention that creates a more cohesive look throughout the day."

Marshal McIntosh


4:30 pm

"Amanda, you have been a game changer for me, I had gotten so behind and overwhelmed on workload, that I quit booking weddings because I was completely unbalanced. Now that you have taken stress away by allowing me to outsource! I would be willing to stand on a street corner with an ad for you! Seriously - you have rejuvenated my business. I thought not booking would be answer, so I could catch up! You were the answer I didn't know I was looking for! Now I'm ready to book weddings again knowing I can focus on the part that I love. I have never returned clients photos in a decent turnaround until I started using your services."

Ada & Andrew Tran


4:30 pm

'Just opened the City Hall- and my gosh, it's gorgeous!! Just PERFECT!! The only editing I have to do is turning a few black and white- so you nailed it!! 


The Mint was a special project, and I told Andrew there is no way I would have been able to do what you did with the digital. And your editing allowed me to spend the extra time to fine tune everything- I've never been happier with the entirety of a gallery. For the first time, I feel like EVERY SINGLE PHOTO IS PERFECT, which I have NEVER been able to say! (I know I'm kinda difficult to please...) We worked with some vendors that I really wanted to be able to deliver something exceptional to, and you made that happen. :) Thank you so much Amanda! I feel like I've found my editing fairy godmother' 

Current Clients...

I would be honored to add you to my client list for 2019. Some of my current clients include: 

Kati Mallory

Maria Lamb

Callie Manion

Breanne Weston

Sarah Porter

Lauren Marks

Jami Jeskey

Carrie McGuire

Brogan Flemming

Hannah Hicks

Tara Tomlinson

Andrew + Ada

Kalyn Mastin

Meg Hilliard

Savannah Frost

Rebecca Long

Lauren Ashley

Tina Loveridge

Donna Lamm

Madison Rockefeller

Sarah Larson

Andi Bravo