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Tel: 760-505-1033


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My goal is to relieve you of the pressures of doing it all!


Instead of mass producing outlined edits, I aim to create a very personal experience for my clients which allows me to ensure quality, consistency and professionalism. I am always just a phone call, email, or text away from you. This is why I only take on a small number of clients at one time. 


I want to chat with you about how outsourcing your editing can make you more money by giving you freedom to serve your clients and business to the fullest whether it be pampering your brides, submitting to publications, increasing your sales, focusing on marketing or having the ability to add even more weddings to your schedule without worrying about all the editing that comes with it.  

What's important to me?

Quality over Quantity!

Every great business owner knows his or her limits! Every great business owner also knows that delegating is the BEST way to make MORE money especially when you are delegating to someone you trust. I pride myself in quality over quantity which means that I limit my scheduled to a certain number of weddings each week to ensure quality, and consistency. I am the ONLY editor in my business, and I will be the only one to handle your galleries. Upon booking me, we will schedule a 45 minute screen share video conference where I will watch and record  you edit a few photos from a wedding gallery.  When we are both confident that I understand your style completely, you will hand over the reigns and upload your first gallery to me. I will then mimic exactly what you have taught me about your unique editing style. With each gallery you send me you will also include a few edited anchor images for me to match OR if you are film photographer, I love to match digitals to film! 


I have a unique and convenient scheduling system that no other editors are doing.  Upon signing up with my services you will receive a scheduling link where you will schedule what day you would like your wedding to be edited by me. This allows you to send me your wedding at your convenience and know exactly what day it will be edited and returned to you. My clients love it because they are able to deliver their wedding to their clients 1-2 weeks after shooting it. We will go over this reliable editing system during our 1:1 meeting. 


Additionally, I GUARANTEE my work which means that I OFFER same day FREE re-edits until your gallery is perfect and ready to deliver to your clients.  My goal is to make it so that you never have to touch your galleries.  The best way to have all your questions answered is to E-mail me or visit my contact tab! I would love to discuss more with you!! 

Services Offered

WEDDINGS & Portraits

 Film matching, color correction, cropping and straightening, personal presets applied. We will set up a video screen share before we begin working together so that I can get detailed information on how you edit. I record this screen share as well as take notes to ensure that I don't miss any of the important details! 



My price per image to edit is $.39.