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Tel: 760-505-1033


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Q: Who is Running the editing service?


A: My name is Amanda, I am the owner and operator of this boutique editing service. I am also the only editor in my business and the only person who will be handling your account.


Q: Can I do a test run?


A: NO. My clients and I invest a lot of time in the beginning into creating a long term or lifetime working relationship. During first few galleries together I will literally be training my brain to think like you. I will be sending you sample images very often during my editing process of your first few galleries so that I can see what details you love or dislike. We may have multiple video screen shares so I can make sure I am editing your galleries exactly the way you want them. This is also the reason I only take on a small amount of clients at one given time. In the beginning, I ask that my clients provide me with their projected calendar year so that I am careful not to over book myself and drown my creativity with quantity. If you want to see if we are a good fit, lets chat via video conference, and start working together. After your first few galleries with me you will get an idea of whether or not boutique editing is for you. 


Q: Will you tailor to my editing style?


A: I want your images to get the right edit based on what you like, so I will ask that you spend around 45 minutes with me upon booking. We will set up a ZOOM video call/screen share and I will watch and record you edit a few images and take notes! I want your images to go from my hands directly to your clients so you do not have to touch a single one! Additionally, if you have presets you use whether they are purchased presets or your OWN unique presets, I can use them! What I do is create a unique profile within lightroom that is tailored to you MY CLIENT. 

Q: What if I don't like the edits you made?

A:  I GUARANTEE my work. Which means I offer FREE re-edits until the job is done right. 

Q: How long will it take?

A. From the moment I receive your images to the moment you get them back all nice and pretty, I estimate 3-5 business days. 

Q: Can I send non wedding photos, like portraits, family, baby, newborn or maternity?

A: Absolutely! Many of my clients shoot non-wedding work during the off-season, and I edit lots of portraits, families, maternities/newborn sessions as well. Excluding extensive skin retouching.  The process is all the same!

Q: How do I upload my images?

A: Once you get started with me you will be able to upload your LR catalog to my WeTransfer account and send your gallery with me VIA E-mail. We will go over the exact steps to uploading your images during our meeting so the process is seamless, quick, and easy for both of us. 


Q: How will I receive my files?


A: I will return your LR catalog to you via wetransfer 3-5 business days later. 


Q: How do I get started?


A: Simply click the button below! Once I receive your filled out form, I'll set you up with all the instructions so you can schedule your zoom call with me and get your images sent over to me, or we can do a test run!