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Save Time and Maintain Creative Control

When the world is telling you to outsource it can feel overwhelming.  You know you need to cut back on the amount of time you spend on a gallery, but outsourcing is a big step for you, and I completely understand that. It's okay that you don't want to outsource your editing but you should be able to still save yourself time by outsourcing your culling.  


 I know how you feel; you have no time for your family anymore and it's breaking your heart. You're burnt out, like REALLY burnt out.  And you're wondering, how can I trust someone else to cull, and choose the right images? What if the culler doesn't get my vision? 

Here's the thing, I have culled for hundreds of photographers around the world.  You can trust me because of my multiple years of experience and the fact that I am not a big box company. Each and every one of your images is important to me and so are you. I pride myself in quality over quantity which is why I only work with a limited number of photographers a year.


 When I'm culling I'm looking for images that are in focus, consistent with your vision, and making sure there are no duplicates. I'm looking for images that would look beautiful in an album, while simultaneously thinking about the final edit and how each image will look once it's edited by you. 


How does outsourcing your culling work? 

Upon meeting via E-mail, I'll send you access to your own client portal where you'll find instructions on how to export your smart preview catalogs to me.


When you deliver a gallery to me you'll tell me your ideal number that you'd like to deliver as well as any special details you'd like for me to know and I'll get as close to that number as possible.  

You should know that while I'm culling, I NEVER delete an image. I select all my chosen images by flagging them, and then I send the entire gallery back to you. This way you can easily filter my chosen flagged images and add or remove images as you please. 


Cost: $.04 per image of the entire gallery

Turnaround time: 3-5 business days

Do you have questions for me? Or are you ready to connect with me about outsourcing your culling?

Click the link below and I'll be happy to hear from you!