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Tel: 760-505-1033


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Hello & Welcome

AC& Co. is personally owned and professionally operated by Amanda. 

As your 1:1 private editor, I want to see you flourish in your art and your business. You'll find comfort in my rapid response time, efficient booking system, and my attention to detail and consistency with your galleries. 

I have owned my outsourcing business for four years, and I have over 10 years of professional photography and editing experience.  

I value my ability to serve the photography community well, and I am dedicated to providing you with a quality experience. 

Please choose one of the options below that will meet your needs as a photographer and business owner.

I am really looking forward to getting to know you better!



Custom Preset Design

Tired of spending money on presets that don't work for you? Let me design a custom preset that works for you, your work, your gear and your location. My design services take two weeks and in return you'll have a beautiful custom styled preset that is unique for you and your art. 


Outsource Editing 

Trust your editing to Amanda who specializes in consistency, and film matching. Amanda has been a professional photo editor for more than 10 years, and prides herself in long term relationships with her clients. No contracts required. Send as needed.


Outsource Culling

We understand that you might really want to cut back on the amount of time you spend on a gallery but you're not quite ready to pass off your editing and creative control. Amanda specializes in choosing the best images for your gallery. Click below to read more about how outsourcing your culling can give you your time back and more about how the process works.